Camo Cake – Pinterest Win

When you’re known to be a good baker, and your best friend is planning a redneck themed birthday party, of course you’re going to be making a camo cake.

To Pinterest I went in search of some tips and tricks to making a camo patterned cake. I had seen it done before, as well as tie-dye, zebra, rainbow, and all sorts of mixed color cakes. The questions was; how difficult were they and did they really turn out looking as awesome as the pictures?

Well thankfully Pinterest did not disappoint and I found lots of tips and tricks, which I pieced together to make my own cake.

The main idea of making a camo cake is to have about 4 different colors of batter, then drop them by large spoonfuls into the cake pan to get the desired pattern. Most tutorials seemed to recommend using a yellow or white cake and dividing the batter into 4ths. One to stay white, one to be dark green, one light green, and one dark brown.

Since I am not a huge fan of using excessive food coloring, and because dark color food coloring is always messy, I decided to make more of a marble cake and using a chocolate batter for the brown section. So my final battery product was half a chocolate cake as is, half tinted with green (to make dark green), half a yellow cake left as is, and half a yellow cake tinted light green.

I was little skeptical of how it would bake; wondering if the colors would all run together while it was in the oven. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it came out smelling delicious and looking camo!

For the final redneck theme touches I frosted the cake with a traditional white buttercream. I also tried out Wilton’s spray-able food colorings (Click here for the product ) to make an American Flag design on top. The spray color was a little cumbersome as it was hard to control exactly where the color went. With a little help from Momma Bunni, I used wax paper to make a sort of stencil for the spraying.

All in all, for a first attempt on a camo cake and spray color decoration, I was very pleased with the result. I got rave reviews on the cake as it was perfectly in theme for the party, and of course delicious!

Stay tuned for recipes and baking tips!

Here is the batter in the pan
Here is the batter in the pan
Baked cake!
Baked cake!
Cake in all its frosted America glory
Cake in all its frosted America glory
All together, flag outside and camo inside
All together, flag outside and camo inside

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