How To Care for Succulents…. Learned the Hard Way

Recently, on somewhat of a whim, I purchased a nice potted succulent mix at a local nursery. I was feeling the need to add a little green to my life I guess. I picked out a nice little mix with some cute succulents and took it home.

I thought I was being a good plant mother by watering it once a week and moving it more into the sun from time to time. So I was confused and sad when a few of the plants in the mix started to drop all of their leaves!

To Bing I went for some answers, and after reading carious articles and websites here is what I learned about watering succulents properly. Succulents need to be watered less in humid weather. Since desert areas are where these plants thrive they have adapted to be able to pull moisture from the air. If you live in an area with more humidity (like I do in New England, which gets very humid in the summer) you need to water succulents much less often.

  1. Traditional potting soil can be harmful to succulents. Since common plants can suffer more from a lack of water, traditional potting soil is designed to hold moisture and deliver it bit by bit. Because of this, many people who plant succulents in traditional potting soil accidentally overwater because they do not realize the soil is still holding moisture.
  2. You can root the leaves that fall off your succulent to make more plants!
  3. You can root the leaves that fall off to make more plants! (I didn’t get adventurous enough to try this)

I learned I really should have done my research before the plant purchase. Unfortunately, my little plant friends have not bounced back even with less watering. The only one that has survived is the little ground cover one. Maybe next time I will be a better plant mother.

Happy plant friend
Happy plant friend
Less happy plant friend. The leaves on 2 have fallen off
Less happy plant friend. The leaves on 2 have fallen off
Sad plant.....
Sad plant…..

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