Trying the Atkins Diet

I have never been a tiny girl, I have curves and a weakness for potato chips which have kept me with some meat on my bones since high school. I have never been unhappy about my weight, knowing that I could do something about it if I wanted to, but being comfortable with myself I never really did. I also stayed very consistent with my weight for a lot of years.

During my senior year of college I struggled with depression, which for me meant a lot of junk food and little activity. So unfortunately, a year after graduating, I found the added weight did not want to leave on its own, and I decided it was time to do something.

After research of the effects of different diet plans, what they entail, and how likely I would be to stick to them, I decided the Atkins Diet would be the best fit for me. I know carbohydrates are a huge weak spot for me, so I looked at this diet as a way to lose weight and get myself away from the seductive power of the carbs.

If you’re unfamiliar with how Atkins works, it is based on low carb, high protein, and is structured into 4 different phases.

Phase 1 is very restrictive but it is when you will lose the most weight and detox yourself from carbs. You are restricted to no more than 25 grams of carbohydrates per day, and your diet mainly consists of meat/fish, cheese, vegetables, and nuts. After 2-3 weeks in phase 1, and when you are within 15 pounds of your goal weight, you begin to move to phase 2, then 3. In the later phases you gradually increase the daily carb allowance and can add more typed of food into your meals. Phase 4 is continuing your life being aware of your carb intake and being healthy.

Being 6 weeks into the diet, there are some upsides and some downsides. The upside is it is not as difficult as it sounds to make tasty and interesting meals with such limitations. The downside is craving the carbs and sugars and keeping the willpower to stay away from them. It becomes easier as your body detoxes from those foods… but I am sure I will always have a love for potato chips.

For breakfasts, I mainly have protein shakes with almond milk, occasionally bacon or sausage. Eggs are also an acceptable food and often recommended for a great breakfast option, but I am slightly allergic and eggs bother my stomach. Not eating eggs does make breakfast the most difficult meal to plan for. I often get bored with food if I eat the same thing all the time and look for ways to keep variety in my diet.

Lunches and dinners are not as difficult as I expected them to be. I took the week before starting Atkins to research and try out some good recipes so that I would have a game plan. I found this to be really helpful, it is much easier to stay on track when you know just what you are going to have and don’t have to start planning when you’re already hungry.

Check out my recipe posts for some of the great low carb lunches and dinners I came up with. Some are so tasty I will continue to make them even when I have moved on from this phase and have added more food options in.

Look for more posts as I continue through the phases and get to my goal weight! I’m hoping to lose about 40 pounds and get myself in a healthier place.

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